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School Reopens (Term 2)


Department Objectives

The Department of Psychology aims to improve the quality of life of AWWA pupils by maximizing their educational and social potential.

The Department contributes to:

The behaviour management of pupils so as to maximize their learning in school and at home.

The readiness of the pupils to be ultimately integrated back into mainstream society to lead dignified and independent lives.

Our Services















Psychological Assessments
Psychologists conduct formal and informal assessments of pupils’ functional and cognitive abilities as required by other agencies or schools for the purpose of referral. Staff may recommend or parents may request for an assessment to be conducted.

Intervention Support
Individualized intervention plans are developed and carried out for pupils to address behavioural, social and emotional issues that occur in school.  

Initial Screening
Psychologists are part of a team of professionals who screen new applicants for admission and give recommendation for suitable class placement.

Trainings are conducted for caregivers, staff and volunteers on topics related to the cognitive, social and behavioural development of pupils with special needs.