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AWWA School Anniversary Celebration
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Start of School holiday
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School Reopens (Term 2)



ICT department aims to enhance pupils’ learning through Information Communication Technology (ICT) by supporting teachers with the innovative ways of teaching using ICT tools. We also aim to provide exposure and relevant ICT skills to keep pupils updated with the current technological age and to maximise their potential. Also, we wish to introduce and propose relevant ICT devices that allow pupils to learn and communicate as well as providing teachers with relevant ICT tools to support them in their classroom teaching. In line with the organisation’s vision, the department strives to provide our pupils with 21st century skills to lead a more dignified life.

The arcade was set up in AWWA in 2010 to provide pupils the opportunity to be exposed to technology to interact and engage in fun activities that are motivating and encourage good social behaviour as well as reinforcing their motor skills that have been taught during their therapy sessions. Social skills is one of the main areas that teachers focus on during the arcade sessions where pupils will be taught on waiting skills, turn taking skills, listening to instruction, cheering for friends as well as playing cooperatively with their peers. Besides the teachers, the occupational therapists and physiotherapists do utilise the arcade to work with the pupils on their grasping, motor control as well as sensory integration in a more motivating, fun and meaningful way!